Victoria College Students, Faculty, and Staff are strongly encouraged to configure their wireless devices to use the secure VC-WPA2 wireless network.

Common Errors When Setting up WiFi Connections
1. Wrong Username

The setup scripts will append the appropriate domain name to the end of your username. Use the username that is assigned from BanSAM.

Student Username Examples
Correct v00123456
Incorrect 00v123456
Incorrect joe.user
Incorrect XTyu5Ghr

To solve this, confirm your username and password and run the configuration tool again:

If you have a data plan for your device through your cellular phone provider, you do not have to join VC-Guest first. You can run this configuration tool from anywhere; however, you won't know if it works until you get back to campus. If it does not connect to VC-WPA2 when you return to campus, verify your username and password and run the configuration tool again by accessing the Internet via your devices data plan.

2. Wireless device shows that it's connected to WiFi but it doesn't work

If your device shows that it's connected to WiFi, but you cannot visit secure web sites (like Google) or your apps does not work, your device is not connected to VC-WPA2 properly. This typically occurs when users configure the VC-WPA2 wireless settings manually and do not configure their device to forget the VC-Guest network, the device is configured to automatically connect to open wireless networks, or the user has connected to VC-Guest after configuring VC-WPA2 and neglected to forget VC-Guest on the device.

When this occurs, your device has been quarantined by the captive portal on the VC-Guest wireless network as a new device and traffic has been blocked.

What's going on? Wireless devices will connect to the first available wireless network it can reach. If your device knows about both VC-Guest and VC-WPA2, the device will attempt connect to VC-Guest first because it is the simplest to connect or it appears before VC-WPA2 in the list of wireless networks on your device.

To solve this, you must configure you wireless device to forget the wireless network VC-Guest. After that, you will always connect to VC-WPA2.

You can also run the wireless configuration tool again and it will configure your device to forget the VC-Guest network.